The products in your bathroom might be some of the most wasteful items you own.

Just think about all the bottles of products like soap, shampoo, and lotion that you go through every month. That’s a lot of plastic being thrown out. Not to mention, the store or shipping packaging that these products come in equates to even more plastic going into the landfill. Additionally, there’s a significant amount of single-use items like cotton rounds and swabs that end up in the trash after only one use. This waste all adds up in the end. It’s time to swap out some of this trash for eco-friendly and low-waste alternatives.

These are 10 eco-friendly bathroom essentials that you need to switch to:

1. Soap Bars

Ditch the bottle and get back to basics with soap bars. You can get these bars to use for hand soap, body wash, and facial cleanser, as well as shampoo and conditioner. There’s no need to have large plastic bottles line your shower or bathroom sink anymore, when you can find every kind of soap bar you can imagine from The Earthling Co. They offer a variety of scents and sulfate-free options, along with soap dishes and saver bags for easier storage and use.

2. Facial Rounds

Cotton facial rounds are a staple in many of our beauty routines- morning and night. But have you ever stopped to think about how many of those you actually use? Using two a day adds up to 730 every year going into the trash- and that’s just for one person. You should replace these with reusable ones that you can find almost anywhere! Package Free sells reusable facial rounds that are made with organic cotton and you can even get them bundled with their wooden container for easy access and storage.

3. Loofahs

Don’t get me started on loofahs. The amount of microplastics from them are incredibly harmful to the environment. Pieces of plastic can go down the shower drain, into the sewage system, and eventually reach the ocean, contributing to plastic pollution. This plastic also ends up in landfills, never fully breaking down even after thousands of years. That’s why you should switch to an eco-friendly option like The Sustainable Change’s natural loofah that is vegan, 100% biodegradable, and perfect for a zero waste lifestyle.

4. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

The American Dental Association recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 months. This means that over a billion plastic toothbrushes end up in the landfill every year. This needs to stop because there are so many better alternatives out there. Check out this toothbrush from Zefiro that is made from bamboo and is compostable after you’re done using it. You also need to ditch plastic toothpaste tubes. It is estimated that 400 million of them are thrown away each year in the U.S. alone! Switch to these toothpaste tablets from Well Earth Goods that are vegan, contain no preservatives, and come in compostable packaging.

5. Deodorant

When you go to the store to pick up deodorant, it’s a sea of plastic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an eco-friendly option when I’ve shopped for deodorant at a regular store. Like all the other products, this is extremely concerning. That’s why you should switch to one with eco-friendly packaging like Native’s, which is made up of 100% paperboard. Switching to this alternative can help you reduce plastic waste by up to 169 tons each year.

6. Hair Brush

Now it’s time to talk about hair. When’s the last time you bought a new hair brush? Or have you had the same one since you were a kid? It’s time to ditch your plastic brush for a more environmentally-friendly option. This bamboo hair brush from Eco Collective can last you decades and is completely compostable at the end of its life.

7. Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are being banned all across Europe and for a good reason. They’re often used for only a few seconds, but can stick around for over 500 years! Try these cotton swabs from The Humble Co., made from biodegradable and compostable materials. This allows them to easily break down without harming our planet.

8. Razors

The EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year. That’s a lot of plastic sitting in our landfills. Saying goodbye to plastic and disposable razors will not only help reduce your waste, but also save you money in the long run. Switching to a zero waste razor cuts down on environmental and financial costs. Albatross Sailing Team is on a mission to eliminate plastic from shaving for a cleaner and healthier planet. Their Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic project offers razors for men and women, shaving soap, and a Blade Take Back Program where you can send your used blades back to them.

9. Lotion

Body lotions are another product that we constantly find in plastic bottles and tubes. Corvus Botanicals offers a variety of solid lotion sticks that are packaged in 100% compostable cardboard tubes, the perfect zero waste alternative to bottled body lotion. Another plus about this option is that they have cruelty free manufacturing and sourcing and participate in plastic free and carbon offset shipping.

10. Chapstick

Another bathroom essential that you constantly find in plastic packaging is chapstick. It’s an everyday staple that is completely wasteful for the environment, as we all probably own several at a time. Try switching to this zero waste lip balm from Eco Roots. It’s in a a paper tube that is 100% compostable and a great sustainable vegan and plastic-free alternative. Let’s help the earth, one step at a time!

Remember, it’s important to not immediately throw out all of your current bathroom essentials- that would be extremely wasteful. But once you have an empty bottle or a worn out brush, it’s time to swap it out for an eco-friendly alternative. Doing so, will help you reduce your waste and carbon footprint.

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