Haven’t you heard, green is the new orange!

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start planning for this spooky holiday. A bunch of us love dressing up in costumes, watching scary movies, or eating tons of candy. However, have you ever stopped to consider the environmental impact of celebrating Halloween? Think about all of the single-use decorations, costumes, and candy that we go through every year. That’s a lot of excess waste. It’s time to green up your halloween!

These are 5 ways to celebrate Halloween in a more eco-friendly & green way!

1. Create Conscious Costumes

ghost costume

Costumes are often only worn once and are unlikely to be reused or donated properly. Most costumes end up in landfills. In the U.K. alone, these throwaway Halloween costumes generate around 2,000 tons of plastic waste every year. That’s equivalent to 83 million plastic bottles. This much plastic is a huge issue, which I’ve discussed in previous blogs, because these microplastics never fully disappear from the earth.

Go green, by not buying these single-use costumes! Instead, you can shop your own closet at home, find unique pieces at a thrift store, or even organize a costume swap with family and friends. For simple costumes, you can use clothing and items you have lying around the house. If you’re into DIY projects, this is the perfect opportunity to put your skills and creativity to the test with a homemade costume! On the other hand, if you can’t find anything at home- visit a second-hand shop to put together a truly one-of-a-kind costume. Alternatively, you can also host a costume swap with your friends or family to mix it up!

2. Ditch Wasteful Decorations

paper bats and halloween decor

Just like costumes, Halloween decorations are usually made of plastics that fill up our landfills. It’s time to get crafty with eco-friendly alternatives, items you already have around your home, and even materials from outside. Check out these plastic-free Halloween decoration ideas from Treehugger. From DIY spiderwebs, ghosts, and bats, the opportunities are endless! It can also make for a fun activity for the whole family to do together!

3. Choose Better Candy

jars of candy

Of course we can’t discuss a green Halloween, without mentioning candy. While the most eco-friendly option would be to hand out candy or baked goods that aren’t all individually wrapped, that would not go over well with parents. Instead, try to look for candy that comes in non-plastic packaging, such as boxed or paper packaged candy. You can even find brands that use resealable or reusable packaging to cut down on waste! This list of zero waste trick-or-treat goodies from Wild Minimalist also has great alternatives to the classic Halloween candy.

4. Trick-or-Treat the Eco-friendly Way

halloween reusable bag

Plastic pumpkins are often used when trick-or-treating. However, these plastic containers will never break down. Use alternatives like reusable shopping bags, tote bags, or pillowcases instead. It’s an easy and eco-friendly way to collect all that delicious candy! Another way to go green while trick-or-treating is to walk to your destinations. By not driving, you will help reduce the pollutants expelled into the air.

5. Properly Purchase & Use Pumpkins


We all love carving pumpkins every Halloween to proudly display on our front porch. But the next time you go to buy a pumpkin, shop organic and local. By purchasing organic pumpkins, you’ll know that the farmers didn’t use excessive pesticides in the process, which are damaging to eco-systems. Shopping local will also help reduce carbon emissions.

But that’s not all you have to worry about when it comes to pumpkins. More than 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins are thrown out every year in the U.S. This adds tons of waste to landfills. That’s why we need to make sure to use up every part of the pumpkin that we can! You can use your pumpkin to create snacks, meals, or even face masks! Check out these creatives ways to ensure your pumpkin doesn’t go to waste¬†from Eco & Beyond!

Make sure to also compost any leftover parts of your pumpkin! Pumpkins that end up in landfills produce methane, which can contribute to greenhouse gases. Use this compost guide from Begin With The Bin to properly discard your Halloween pumpkins!

Following these tips will let you make the most out of Halloween, while still being conscious of your environmental impact.

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