Going out to eat as a vegan can be a challenge, but in New York City the options are endless.

From vegan mac & cheese to chocolate-filled crepes, the city has it all! While living in Brooklyn, I got to eat some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had. Any type of food I craved was only a short subway ride away. That being said, in a city with so many options it can be extremely overwhelming to decide where to go.

Even with researching vegan-friendly restaurants in the city, I would often see the same list of places mentioned over and over again. After spending a few months trying out different spots I realized some of my personal favorites weren’t always mentioned on these lists. That’s why I thought I would share with you some of my favorite restaurants in New York to get incredible vegan food and what I love to order off the menu. Not all of the places I mention are 100% vegan, but they offer great vegan options and are perfect for going out to eat with non-vegan friends or family!

Here are my favorite vegan-friendly restaurants in NYC

1. Greedi Vegan

Brooklyn | Entirely Vegan Menu

If you love soul food, Greedi Vegan is the place for you. It ranks at the top of my list for my all-time favorite vegan food. If you order anything from here, you have to get their Greedi Soul Bowl. It comes with mac & cheese, fried chicken, sweet potatoes, and kale. It’s an explosion of some of the most delicious vegan food I’ve ever eaten. While living in Brooklyn, I probably ate here at least once a week- it was seriously that good!

2. by CHLOE.

Various Locations | Entirely Vegan Menu

by CHLOE served as a staple for me during my time in New York. I went there for lunch a few times a week, as one of their locations was only a few blocks away from my internship. It’s a good place to grab a quick bite to eat with some great options on the menu. Again, if you’re a mac & cheese lover you have to try this one! What makes their mac & cheese really special is their shiitake bacon topping which adds a perfect amount of flavor and texture to the dish. Make sure to also try one of their desserts, I almost never leave without getting one!

3. Next Level Burger

Brooklyn | Entirely Vegan Menu

Next Level Burger is the vegan burger joint. They have so many different types of burgers to choose from, including the delicious beyond burger. However, I must confess that my favorite thing to order here was the grilled cheese off of the kids menu. Since, going vegan I hadn’t eaten a decent grilled cheese in years and had to try it out. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Another thing I loved to order here was their milkshakes, something else I missed after going vegan. Next Level Burger is the perfect option for any vegans looking to get a classic American meal.

4. Urban Vegan Kitchen

West Village | Entirely Vegan Menu

If you couldn’t tell- I love southern comfort food. If you do too, this is another place in New York that you’ll want to try. Urban Vegan Kitchen has some of the best comfort food classics like Chick-un & Waffles and Mac N’ Cheese. They have endless options to choose from off their menu and even allow you to create your own bowl or burrito. I personally loved getting the Chick-un & Waffles, which also comes topped with kale and aioli. It made for the perfect Sunday brunch spot! Urban Vegan Kitchen has so many options on their menu that you have to keep coming back to try all their different dishes!

5. Juice Generation

Various Locations | Mostly Vegan

Calling all juice lovers, you have to try Juice Generation! Here you can choose from a range of fresh juices, smoothies, health shots, açaí bowls, baked goods, and salads. Almost everything on their menu is vegan, including their donuts and muffins. As a big fan of green juices, I loved their Get Ur Green On Juice, which is blended spinach, kale, pineapple, mint, and green apple. It has great ingredients and a deliciously sweet taste! If you’re a hard core juicer, try The Professional Juice. It includes spinach, kale, collard greens, swiss chard, wheatgrass, cucumber, green apple, lemon, and ginger. It may not be as sweet as their other juices, but definitely has a lot of health benefits. Juice Generation is a great place to get a healthy breakfast or snack while you’re on the go!

6. Bareburger

Various Locations | Vegan-Friendly Menu

One thing I love about Bareburger is that it’s the perfect place for meat eaters and vegans alike. Their menu has tons of non-vegan food, while also dedicating an entire section of the menu to vegan options. This includes a wide-range of burgers, salads, sides, and desserts! I love to create my own burger here and pick and choose what kinds of toppings to put on it. You also have to try their milkshakes, which can be customized to include different flavors and toppings. I love going to Bareburger with both non-vegans and those who are, as we all can find something we like!

7. Bklyn Crêpe & Juice

Brooklyn | Vegan-Friendly Options

Another great breakfast spot- or really any time of day is Bklyn Crêpe & Juice. They have everything from smoothies, juices, and salads. But, what everyone really comes for are the crêpes. They offer a variety of sweet and savory crêpes that can be made with their vegan and gluten free batter and customized to include any kind of fillings you can imagine. I personally like to get mine with dark chocolate, strawberry, and peanut butter. Every bite of it tastes like heaven! This place is a must for anyone interested in having the most delicious crêpes ever.

8. Dellarocco’s of Brooklyn

Brooklyn | Vegan-Friendly Options

This list would not be complete without mentioning Dellarocco’s of Brooklyn. Their Madame Violette Pizza is my all-time favorite pizza! I’ve never had a pizza better than this one- ever. What makes it so special is that they use a creamy red cabbage base for the pizza instead of marinara sauce. It comes topped with yellow cherry tomatoes and vegan cheese, I also like to add spinach to mine. It is seriously the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had. I’m anxiously waiting for the chance to get back to Brooklyn, just so I can have it again.

9. Park Plaza

Brooklyn | Vegan-Friendly Options

Last, but certainly not least is Park Plaza. Who doesn’t love a family diner right next to Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn Heights? They have a few vegan specialties on their menu, including vegan cheesesteak, burrito, and the Impossible burger. However, my personal favorite is their vegan chicken ceasar wrap. It’s absolutely delicious and everything that a chicken ceasar wrap should be! Park Plaza is another great place to go if you’re eating out with non-vegans.

I hope this list of my favorite places to get vegan food in New York inspires you to go out and try some new spots! Let me know in the comments if any of these are also some of your favorites and what you like to order. If there are any vegan spots that didn’t make the list, please also share them with me- I’m always looking to try something new!

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