How we decorate our homes matter.

Our homes are a reflection of who we are as individuals. They can be a very important and sacred space to us. It’s where we like to relax, have fun, be creative, get together with friends and family, throw parties, and do all sorts of other things! We have the ability to make our homes look how ever we choose- why not decorate it consciously with sustainable furnishings?

When shopping for home decor, there are a variety of eco-friendly options available. You want to look for items that will truly add value to your space. Whether you’re searching for the perfect office desk, living room rug, or kitchen accessories, these retailers have everything you need! They offer incredible pieces with sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Here are 7 home decor brands for your conscious home:

1. The Citizenry

Product Range: Rugs | Bedding | Furniture | Baskets | Bath & Kitchen

Philosophy: “We believe our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take. Our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose. It’s why we travel the world to develop our exclusive collections of home goods. Country by country, we partner with master artisans, blending our modern style with their time-tested techniques.”

The team at The Citizenry personally travels to each country where their products are made to meet with the artisans. They ensure the use of only local materials and fair trade standards, as well as sustainable and ethical relationships with their artisan partners.

2. Firera

Product Range: Kitchen | Bath | Living | Outdoor

Philosophy: “Firera is a sustainable and vegan home decor and lifestyle store offering high-quality, long-lasting and environmentally friendly products for a conscious home.”

Firera’s commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in every business decision they make. They work hard to minimize their impact on the planet and aim to offset the resources used by giving back, stock only cruelty-free and vegan products, and ship products 100% plastic-free using recycled or reused paper and cardboard.

3. Made Trade

Product Range: Home Decor | Kitchen & Dining | Bedding & Bath | Furniture

Philosophy: “At Made Trade, we believe we can make the world a more beautiful place by holding ourselves to a higher ethical standard. We call it being “ethically elevated.” It means we put artistry above efficiency. Fair wages above profits. Sustainability above mass production. Quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption. And transparency above everything, as we painstakingly hand-select only the most beautifully-designed, ethically-made goods that put people and our planet first.”

Made Trade offers sustainable products made with eco-friendly materials that are responsibly sourced, harvested, recycled or up-cycled. Their products are intentionally designed to minimize negative environmental impact. Made Trade also sells vegan products that are 100% free of animal products and byproducts.

4. Armadillo & Co

Product Range: Rugs

Philosophy: “Our rugs are made with natural materials and sustainable processes, designed to counteract today’s throwaway culture and stand the test of time. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, environmental performance and social responsibility to make a lasting difference in both your home and the world around us. We are a truly sustainable company – for the good of the world we live in and all who journey with us.”

At Armadillo, they strive to leave as little impact on the earth as possible. Each rug is made from carefully sourced natural fibers and crafted using energy efficient processes, resulting in a product of quality and longevity.

5. VivaTerra

Product Range: Home Decor | Furniture | Kitchen & Dining | Bed & Bath | Outdoor

Philosophy: “Our name VivaTerra, which means “living earth”, is inspired by our dedication to operating in harmony with nature and our passion for blending global inspiration with modern, eco-conscious design. VivaTerra is a retailer with a heart and a vision for both globally-inspired modern design and goods created with sustainability and integrity in mind. We value the expertise and talent of artisans around the world, and the craftsmanship exhibited in their work. We strive to share this contemporary, artisan-crafted aesthetic with our consumers through unique and earth-friendly goods.”

VivaTerra believes there is no reason to compromise natural resources or environmental health in pursuit of a beautiful home. Thus, they seek out fair-trade partners and sustainable methods of production to offer eco-friendly decor and furnishings.

6. Ten Thousand Villages

Product Range: Home | Kitchen | Outdoor

Philosophy: “As a pioneer of fair trade, we do business differently, putting people and planet first. That means you can trust that every handmade purchase and donation you make directly impact the life and community of its maker in a developing country.”

Ten Thousand Villages ensures that artisans earn a fair living wage in safe working conditions. They also focus on using locally sourced, recycled and renewable materials in their products to minimize their environmental footprint.

7. Itemerie

Product Range: Home Goods | Kitchen & Table | Candles & Diffusers

Philosophy: “Our passion is for a better planet and this is our commitment to our customers. No funny business, just high-quality products that have been sustainably and ethically made.”

Itemerie strives to be 100% clear about how their products are made. They’ve even developed a rigorous badge system to denote which products are vegan, handmade, no-waste, recyclable or compostable, and more! Their items are thoughtfully made with sustainable materials and genuine care for the planet that are meant to last for years. On top of that, they use recycled and compostable packaging.

These are just a few of the many eco-conscious and sustainable home decor brands out there! If there are any other brands that you love, let me know in the comments below.

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